PSA WAY Newsletter

Palais Theatre Restoration Works

PSA would like to acknowledge the work by the Palais Theatre Redevelopment team on its successful restoration that will sustainably enable many more generations to enjoy all that the historic icon has to offer. ...Read more

Planning to Test Feasibility: A Market Place in Sierra Leone

A former PSA Certificate 4 student applies learnings to test and plan the feasibility and sustainability of a market place in Sierra Leone. ...Read more

Forward Planning & Modelling, Testing Best Value Outcomes

The beauty of forward planning is that a Project or Program of Projects can be realistically modelled and tested before implementation and commitment of serious money. ...Read more

Stakeholder Engagement to Deliver Value Outcomes

By identifying the real Stakeholder wants and needs and aligning these with an organisation's strategy you will enable one of the key factors of Program and Project Success. ...Read more

Sustainable & Resilient Outcomes through Program Management

Are you looking for a pathway to provide your organisation or community with a more sustainable future? Then PSA's Certificate 4 in Program Management may be for you. ...Read more

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