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Lessons Learnt Essentials and how this Practice will Add Value

Taking time to reflect and capture lessons learnt from an organisation or stakeholder point of view has been proven to be one of the most effective ways of implementing continuous improvement and creating value. ...Read more

PSA Working with IOD PARC on Resilience Program in Nepal

PSA are excited to be working with IOD PARC on a program to help build resilience to natural disasters and climate change in Nepal. This project is especially meaningful to Managing Director Paul Steinfort, who has an expertise and passion for post - disaster project work. ...Read more

Trends from the 80'S - Where are they Now & Where are they Going?

In 1988 PSA project undertook a survey to understand the relationship between the implementation of project management methodologies and success of project delivery. PSA reflect on these findings and discuss ideas and trends that are facing industry today. ...Read more

Key Success Factors for Programs & Projects

Program and Project failures continue to make the headlines, so PSA reflect on experience and research to provide just which factors are key to providing success. ...Read more

Objective Measures and Best Value Requires Effective Governance

Governance establishes the processes and procedures to maintain oversite and decision making. While many organisations claim to conduct an effective governance structure, many don't. This can lead to the devaluing of projects.   ...Read more

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