PSA WAY Newsletter

Award Winning - Palais Theatre Restoration Project

We are pleased to announce the Palais Theatre project is now award-winning, achieving the Excellence in Heritage Conservation Award at the Design & Development awards hosted by the City of Port Phillip. ...Read more

PSA Hosts Bangladesh Delegates

PSA had the pleasure of hosting a group of Bangladesh delegates focusing on effective methods for Program & Project monitoring and evaluation. It offered the chance to gain project management insights to delivering some of Melbourne’s world leading sports venues. ...Read more

PSA Independent Monitoring for 80 Collins St Development

PSA have been engaged to provide specialised independent monitoring and reporting at 80 Collins St, which includes a premium grade office tower, hotel, integrated retail, food and beverage offerings as well as refurbishment works to the existing 80 Collins St tower. ...Read more

PSA Supporting Development Victoria on the Next Stage of Melbourne Park

The third stage of the Melbourne Park redevelopment was launched with PSA supporting the program planning, monitoring and control through to the end of 2021. PSA are looking forward to continuing to work on this challenging and rewarding project. ...Read more

Additional Beds Planned for Victoria's Youth Justice Facilities

PSA's most recent engagement with Department of Justice and Regulation involves the challenging deployment of additional beds and infrastructure into the 2 existing Youth Justice sites in Parkville and Malmsbury ...Read more

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