About PSA

PSA have 30 years successful experience in the provision of Program Management. PSA’s Program Management methodology is proven through the global PMI (Project Management Institute, over 500,000 members worldwide) sponsorship of their PhD action research award.

Their proven & extensive range of Program Management covers the full range of program activities related to program definition, program benefits delivery, and program closure through programs of projects such as the MCG Redevelopment for the Commonwealth Games, RMIT University Campus Redevelopment, Melbourne Park Upgrade, Community Program Management, Post Disaster Program Management, Toyota offshore, Melbourne Airport Redevelopment, International Development Projects, Pragmatic action research, Communities of Practice, ASRC, BSL, RMIT, WoC.

PSA's purpose is to make Project Management work for you by delivering services and training which are practical, workable, sustainable and achieve your goal.


  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Pragmatic 
  • Value Contribution

PSA Project were established in 1985 and always provide successful outcomes through all stages of the program journey and for all range of projects.