Certificate IV in CPD Program Management and/or Diploma in Project Management

Program Management is a very underused, misunderstood but powerful need and reality in this modern world and even more so in the community and post disaster environment but just as much so in large organisations, government and non government, corporate, educational, sporting and so many more.

Our course is entirely unique. The Program Management methodology presented within the course content has proven time and time again to deliver project success, and the Certificate IV course and our Diploma are both practical and accessible for the learner.  PSA's Certificate IV course and Diploma in Project Management are ASQA accredited through Infinity Training Australia (RTO 52095). The courses will deliver skills and knowledge that can be applied not only to Community and PD Environments, but to any program, within any field or environment. 

The knowledge and processes taught in the course can be applied to any type of project and not necessarily specific to the area of post disaster Project Management. For further information contact us or click here to find out more.

Microsoft Project 

PSA Project provide training in Microsoft Project bringing practical day to day process, knowledge and experience. PSA’s team are experts at using this software and do so in every one of their projects. We offer a range of training in Microsoft Project, from basic to more advanced training along with customised training to support your needs. For further information on the available courses, please contact us.

Program to Project Mentoring

Alongside our extensive practical Program to Project Management applications, we also offer mentoring and support. For further information please contact us.