Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitor time, cost, risk and Evaluate program outcomes through results in learning and growth, project processes, stakeholder perception and value / return on investment (financial or group improvement).

  • Can each aspect of the projects and program be evaluated?

  • Is the evaluation system built into the program governance?

  • What are your overall criteria for success? What are your indicators for those criteria?

    - Does it make sense? Y/N

    - Is it workable? Y/N

    - Can it be understood and applied by others? Y/N

    - Does it give maximum impact for minimum input? Y/N

PSA Project Monitoring and Evaluation through their proven PMI aligned methodology. 

PSA Project processes and procedures for maintaining program management oversight and decision-making support throughout the course of the program journey.

  • Rapid environment assessment¬†
  • Stakeholder engagement and outcomes
  • Communication and values
  • Project definition and planning
  • Implementation and monitoring
  • Evaluation¬†