Key Success Factors for Programs & Projects

Program and Project failures continue to make the headlines, despite the abundance of systems, processes, training and education that have been implemented and made available over the past four decades. We understand that organisations are unique in every way, operating in different environments and there is no one-size-fits-all program management approach, rather there are necessary critical factors that need to be addressed in their situation.

However, our experience over the 30+ years that PSA has been involved across a wide range of projects and industries has led us to what we believe are some of the ever-important factors to project success. These success factors will support organisation sustainability and resilience through improved implementing positive change as well as efficient allocation of resources.

So, what are the key factors for project success? Well PSA’s experience along with research undertaken by CEO, Dr Paul Steinfort, which focused on all range of projects, has found the common factors to project success include:

  • Stakeholder engagement leading through shared vision
  • Organisational need for urgency & flexibility in communication
  • Program & project planning using feasible methods, pragmatic synthesis of approaches, and learning from experience
  • Managing performance judged by sensible criteria than can be made sense of, managing risk and taking/ managing appropriate action to mitigate any risk
  • Commitment of adequate resources and contingencies, being committed to milestones
  • Monitoring and evaluation towards sustainable outcomes

The results of this research formed the basis of PSA's methodology and the nationally accredited Certificate 4 in Program Management, which believes project success hinges on the principles shown in the graphic. Further details from the article “A Healthier Outcome” are available here

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You can also find information about “What enables Project Success” by Paul Steinfort, PhD & Derek Walker, PhD as well as many other papers and articles.


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