Field Trips to Kathmandu for the Evaluation of a Program of Projects

PSA Project are playing a key role in the evaluation of a Program of Projects by the UK Department for International Development in Nepal. Recently three of the directors of , Dr Paul Steinfort, Garry Smart and Noela Steinfort, met in Kathmandu with the consortium lead, IOD PARC, to finalise an inception report of the Strengthening Disaster Resilience Program.

Paul had been involved in immediate response after the earthquake in 2015 devastated particularly the western areas of Nepal and the urban infrastructure of its capital Kathmandu. He had also been on a field review to the south-western regions which additionally are suffering greatly due to climate change. Garry and Noela joined the team in Kathmandu and Garry was involved with Paul in the key team summaries of the work going forward.

For Garry, it was his first visit to the nation's capital, Kathmandu, and it started with a brush with the president at the airport on his arrival, leaving he and others on his plane on the tarmac while the president was cleared.

From flying into the country, it is clear how difficult the terrain is for access to remote villages, made all the more difficult with changing river routes and mud slides due to earthquakes and ongoing climate change. Walking around Kathmandu it is apparent that a lot of reconstruction works have been done following the devastating 2015 earthquake, but there is still a large program of works required over the coming years to improve the long-term resilience of Nepal to climate change and earthquakes.

PSA met with members of the IOD PARC consortium in undertaking planning works associated with initial inception phase of providing monitoring and evaluation to support DFID Nepal in flexibly managing the program’s of work to ensure strong value for money to be delivered over the next 5 years.

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