PSA's Program & Project Management Research Survey Results are Here

Thank you all to those who participated in our recent Program & Project Management survey. We are excited to be able to present the key findings that represent the trends in the community of practice of program and project management.

The emergence of Program Management this decade has now seen most organisations applying this methodology in some form or another, with over 90% of respondents indicating they have used the principle at least “sometimes”.

And why wouldn’t you, as a program of projects with a common goal can achieve much greater benefits than projects working in isolation.

However, program management is still a long way from being understood and from being able to be put into practice effectively. That is born out, not only by our practical experience but even more so by our awarded research and most recently by our industry wide survey.

Some intro to the survey, why and where to…

We previously did a survey in 1988, nigh on 30 years ago, and it is really interesting to view the results of that survey and this most recent one, especially in respect to where Project Management and Program Management are situated now relatively and what we can learn from this immediately.

What is proven out by the survey most strongly is;

  1. The marked improvement in the application of Project Management across the board
  2. The understanding and application of Program Management lags most significantly behind that of Project Management. There is much to be learned about the effective implementation of Program Management generally and most of all by the Education and Community Development sectors

The greatest need which comes out of all this research and practical application is that so much time, money, value and outcome achievement could be improved most immediately by the understanding, simplification and application of robust and proven program to project management methods. Read our stories of Program to project applications which delivers best value at minimum cost and time in our regular newsletter by following this link.

We will be providing these insights and more to those respondents who provided their contact details, if you didn’t get a chance to complete the survey or provide your details you can request a copy of the report by emailing

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