3D Planning Supports The State Library Transformation

The State Library of Victoria is undergoing one of its largest transformations since its initial construction in the gold rush days of 1850s. The redevelopment will expand capacity and create a modern digital learning environment. The program will see the building continue to operate, through multiple stages of construction as new areas are opened and made available to the public. 

PSA’s experienced oversight of complicated construction staging in public environments has allowed the library and its stakeholders to agree to an overall decant and operation strategy. The agreed strategy informed the market for pricing and evaluating the tenderers’ bids. The bid phase saw the tenderers utilising different tools for communicating their proposed sequencing, including 2D or 3D drawings to identify the key areas of occupation, public access and construction zones.In recent times, we have seen a big increase in tenderers utilising 2D and 3D planning tools to complement the traditional gantt chart. This has enabled bidders to clearly identify critical factors and communicate these to the project teams in a way that does not require technical knowledge, which can make the difference between a plan being assessed as feasible or as a high risk of failure, particularly in such a sensitive environment as a library.

The iconic Swanston Street portico entrance has recently been closed to the public following the completion of the first stage of works, with the main entrance now being temporarily relocated to Russell Street. Switching public access from Swanston Street to Russell Street has required a large scale communication programme to be implemented by the library and supported by the contractors’ planning. We look forward to continuing to support the delivery of this project for the State of Victoria.

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