Garry Smart Reflects on 30 Years at PSA

As of 2018, one of PSA’s Directors, Garry Smart, has achieved the milestone of 30 years’ service with the company. Since his starting role as a trainee project programmer onsite at 101 Collins Street, Garry has seen first-hand the considerable change and progress in Programme Management.  In this article we have asked Garry to reflect on his past 30 years to provide valuable insight into some lasting lessons and necessary qualities when it comes to successful Project and Programme Management, this included:

  1. The need to adapt and improve communication skills to present complicated plans and reports in a clear and concise manner from sub-contractors through to executive management.  These communication skills include, listening to others for a deeper level of understanding and seeking feedback from others.
  2. The need to be flexible in order to adapt to a fast paced and changing environment.
  3. The value of testing the feasibility of a plan to achieve client iframeives during the early business case development phase.  This is particularly important in an operating environment such as the MCG where seating capacity needed to be maintained during disruptive construction works.
  4. Logical thinking when applied to programmes, their work breakdown and sequencing.
  5. Persistence in any environment.
  6. The importance of understanding drawings and how they translate to an overall construction methodology.

Garry has applied the knowledge gained from the many and varied projects he has been involved in over 30 years.  However, in saying that, he continues to learn with every new project and sees that as one of the keys to maintaining his passion for, and longevity in, his role.

While thinking about where and how Project and Programme Management has changed in the past, Garry believes the next decade will bring greater focus on the consideration of the clients Goals, Objectives and Outcomes.  Programme management and careful planning will play a much greater role over the next decade to allow for this and Garry is hopeful the rate of successful projects will increase as a result.

Away from work Garry has enjoyed all aspects of life including family time and his passions for all things cricket and footy related. We here at PSA value Garry’s commitment and dedication to his work and are looking forward to the next chapter of his time with us.  Congratulations Garry!


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