Lessons Learned on The Residential Treatment Centre

PSA wishes to congratulate the project team at the Department of Justice and Regulation, design consultants and the contractor on the recent opening of the treatment centre at Ararat. This project forms part of a broader community program for the rehabilitation of offenders who are subject to supervision orders and is the first facility of its kind in Victoria. PSA provided independent monitoring services throughout the construction phase following the tender evaluation of the contractors.

The project maintained a challenging timeframe which required a strong collaborative environment to enable pragmatic problem solving and timely decision making. This was confirmed through feedback from the team post completion, where they were able to identify the “open communications” and “decision making within the project team” as keys to the success of the project. Perhaps one of the reasons for the openness was the unique location, being more than 2 hours from Melbourne, which limited the ability for consultants to “pop-in” for site inspections at short notice. Whatever the reason, we recognise the value that projects can provide to/for organisations and project teams in their learnings and continuous improvements, all of which can be reflected upon and improved for future endeavours.

On the point of improvements, the project team also identified the process for introducing and implementing value management, both of which can be improved through earlier and closer involvement by both the Contractor and the quantity surveyor. Effective value management should not focus on reducing costs, but rather should come from a position of understanding what is valued by the end-user/ stakeholders and achieving this in a cost (input / output) effective manner measured over the whole of the project lifecycle.

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