Objective Measures and Best Value Requires Effective Governance

Governance establishes the processes and procedures to maintain oversite and decision making. While many organisations claim to conduct an effective governance structure, many don't. This can lead to the devaluing of projects.   ...Read more

Learn how Evaluating a Program Will Enable Best Value

How does your organisation measure the performance of a program or project, is it purely based on the quantitative time and cost inputs, or do you have a framework that enables measurement of the true value to be delivered? ...Read more

PSA Adds Deliverable Focus to the States Project Team

PSA have recently been engaged by the Department of Justice to assist their Project Team in delivering a new State facility with a demanding timeframe. PSA will focus on milestone delivery through the progress monitoring to identify any critical areas for action. ...Read more

Palais Theatre Restoration Works

PSA would like to acknowledge the work by the Palais Theatre Redevelopment team on its successful restoration that will sustainably enable many more generations to enjoy all that the historic icon has to offer. ...Read more

Planning to Test Feasibility: A Market Place in Sierra Leone

A former PSA Certificate 4 student applies learnings to test and plan the feasibility and sustainability of a market place in Sierra Leone. ...Read more

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