Certificate IV


The project management methodology presented within the course content has proven time and time again to deliver project success and the Certificate IV course is both practical and accessible for the learner.

PSA's Certificate IV course in CPD Program Management will deliver skills and knowledge that can be applied not only to Community and PD Environments, but to any program, within any field or environment.

PSA also offer accredited training in a Diploma in Project Management which can be completed in addition to the Certificate 4 in Community and Post Disaster Program Management.

Why PSA training?

The course aims to provide participants the opportunity to receive new skills that are effective, proven and easily applied into their communities for all types of projects. Our course is entirely unique and has been globally tested and successfully delivered in Australia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Japan, New Zealand, Europe, The Philippines, India and USA.

How does the course work?

The course which is accredited by ASQA through Infinity Training Australia (RTO 52095), covers all aspects of Program Management and can be run online or directly. Addressing the key asspects of Program Management in the following units:

  • Conduct a Program Strategic Alignment Rapid Assessment

  • Identify and Deliver Stakeholder Value

  • Apply project stakeholder engagement techniques

  • Define Programs and Plan Projects

  • Develop and Manage Implementation Plans

  • Undertake Project Work

  • Prepare Transition Plans in a Development and/or Humanitarian Assistance Context

To demonstrate competency in the course, participants are to provide evidence that they meet the requirements of each section of the course by completing relevant assessment tasks.

For further information regarding the course, please contact us.