Program Strategy / Rapid Assessment determine whether projected outcomes are the best value and initiate plans that are feasible and sustainable

  • Is your Program Strategy able to realise opportunities and benefits to achieve your overall goal to outcomes?

  • What is the purpose of your project, what is your program goal?

  • What strategy are you working together on with your key stakeholders to align your program goal i.e. what are your planned program outcomes?

PSA Program Strategy  identifies opportunities and benefits to achieve the organisation's strategic objectives by aligning program implementation with the overall goal of the organisation through understanding the "what" of the context, environment and return on investment financially and community wise.

WHAT GOAL  – REAL SCOPE - Program Strategy Alignment

The PSA Strategy identifies opportunities and benefits to achieve the organization's strategic objectives by aligning Program implementation with the overall goal, Project outcomes, deliverables and inputs in a horizontal Work Breakdown Structure


  • R.E.A.L. (Rapid Environment Assessment Logic)
  • Aligning Program
  • Organisasation Goal implementation